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    1. Administrative Departments

      General Office


      The General Office is the department that administers the overall work of CAST headquarters with the following main functions:

      To organize and handle comprehensive administration affairs of CAST headquarters; supervise and inspect the implementation of important decisions; undertake and conduct official documents processing, secretary work, confidential work, archives management, complaint letters and visits, and information; organize and coordinate important events and conferences of CAST.

      Director general: Ren Fujun
      Deputy directors general: Gu Bin, Zhang Xiaomei
      Associate inspector: Meng Bo

      Tel: 86-10-68571878

      Department of Planning and Finance


      Main functions and responsibilities of the Department of Planning and finance are as follows: to draft plans for the development of CAST's endeavors and capital construction; organize the formulation of the annual budget and financial statement for each department and affiliated unit under CAST;  liaison with government agencies in charge of economy, planning and financing; supervise the work in economy, finance and assets in accordance with the state regulations, and undertake statistical work in CAST and its affiliated organizations.

      Director general: Wang Yanhu (concurrent)
      Deputy director general: Zhou Wenbiao
      Associate inspector: Yuan Xiudong

       Tel: 86-10-68571893

      Department of Organization and Personnel


      Main functions of the Department of Organization and Personnel are as follows:

      To provide guidance to organizational work of CAST; protect the legitimate rights and interests of scientific and technological workers; award scientific and technological workers who have made outstanding contributions; coordinate the work of building "Home of Scientific and Technological Workers"; plan and coordinate the overall work of human resources in CAST and its affiliated organizations; be responsible for the management of officials in CAST headquarters and the units under its jurisdiction; plan, coordinate and provide guidance to the education and training work of the staff of CAST and its affiliated organizations.

      Director general: Wang Shoudong
      Deputy directors general: Zhu Xuefen, Xie Xin

       Tel: 86-10-68571889

      Department of Research and Publicity


      Main functions of the Department of Research and Publicity are as follows: to formulate plans of the publicity work of CAST, undertake the communication work between CAST and the Party and state departments in charge of publicity, and to provide guidance to CAST member societies and local associations on publicity work; take the responsibility of drafting related important documents, reports, and speeches; conduct investigation and survey on the status of scientific and technological workers, and to guide CAST member societies and local associations for the work of investigation and survey of the status of scientific and technological workers; organize and carry out the activities of decision-making consultation and advice solicitation; participate in investigation and research concerning law-making and revision of relevant state laws and regulations; and undertake relevant work assigned by the executive secretariat of CAST.

      Director general:
      Deputy directors general: Guo Zhe, Zhang Feng

      Tel: 86-10-68572088

      Department of Academic and Societies Affairs


      The main responsibilities of the Department of Academic and Societies Affairs are as follows: to supervise CAST member societies and affiliated social organizations in accordance with law and state regulations; organize and coordinate inter-society academic exchange activities and provide guidance to CAST member societies in their academic activities; handle affairs concerning continued education programs of member societies. The Department also functions as leading body of the Office for Cooperation with Enterprises.

      Director general: Song Jun
      Deputy directors general: Liu Xingping, Fan Wei
      Deputy inspector: Wang Xiaobin

      Tel: 86-10-68578086 68515739

      Office for Cooperation with Enterprises


      The Office for Cooperation with Enterprises is a work body set up by CAST to facilitate partnership with industry. Its main responsibility is to organize CAST member societies to provide service to industrial enterprises with their resources so as to facilitate the transformation of research findings, promote technological innovation in enterprises, enhance enterprises' innovation capability, and help the development of CAST's primary organizations in enterprises.

      Director: Song Jun
      Deputy director: Zheng Haojun

      Tel: 86-10-68578086 68515739

      Department of Science Popularization


      The main functions of the Department of Science Popularization are as follows:

      Be in charge of organizing and coordinating the implementation of the Outline of the Action Plan for the Nation's Science Literacy, formulate plans for that purpose, function as the leading body of relevant programs, and liaison with the central and local government agencies on matters concerning the implementation of the Outline; steer and coordinate the work of digitization of science popularization; organize and coordinate the nation-wide activities for the National Science Popularization Day; provide guidance to CAST affiliates on science popularization work at grass roots; be in charge of the capacity building of mass media in terms of science communication to the public and provide guidance to the capacity building of popular science journals, newspapers and websites.

      Director general: Yang Wenzhi
      Deputy directors general: Liu Yadong , Qian Yan, Liu Yang (concurrent)

      Tel: 86-10-68571887

      Department of International Affairs

      The main functions of the Department of International Affairs are as follows:

      To draft plans for CAST's international exchange and cooperation programs; liaison with CAST's partner organizations abroad; be in charge of international affairs of CAST headquarters and the bodies under its jurisdiction; provide information and data for CAST and its affiliates as required to develop their international cooperative activities; examine international projects proposed by affiliates of CAST for approval by the executive secretariat.

      It also handles affairs concerning exchange and cooperation between CAST and scientific and technologist circles in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, as well as overseas Chinese scientific and technological organizations and individuals.

      Director General: Zhang Jiansheng
      Deputy Directors General: Wang Qinglin

      Division of General Management

      Division of International Organizations

      Division of Bilateral Cooperation

      Division of Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan Exchanges

      Office of HOME Program


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